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The Zippo Pill Box

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In 1981 Zippo introduced the Pill Box, the same case as the magnifier and rule, with a slide out drawer for medicine.

This is an early example from another collector, highly desirable Venetian.
in the first picture you can see the zippo logo and Bradford Pa. stamp
So...what's so cool about that? Not much...but
when you can find something like this...

It can make Pill Boxes more interesting!
These are prototype pill boxes from zippo,

These have a much smaller zippo and no other printing. I have not found out what the red marks mean.
Zippo tested, in many ways, the strength of new products. Perhaps these were meant for those tests.

probably the thickness of the line equals importance of the pill, you know for you old guys who have trouble seeing like damir and robert :D

Really cool stuff


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something strange from zippo is always cool!

The zippo motif on any item is a cool thing...

Zippo Holiday Pillbox..for those headaches you get during this season!!  :haha:


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